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Created out of a deep-seeded hatred of deadlines.

Think of this community as one long, continuous, never-ending ficathon. In it, you post much as you would for a ficathon. What characters you want, things you do like, things you don't, etc. But, unlike a ficathon, there is no assigning, no deadlines. You chose what fic's you want to write, based on the requests of those who posted to the community.

Say LJ:user A posted a request for a Dex/Weir fic. If you well inspired by what they asked for, then write them a fic. There's no need to tell them you are doing it, just send them a link to the story as a comment to their post when you finish.

Primarily created for SG1 & SGA.

Request Posting guidelines:

Your LJ User name:
Paring(s) you want:
Things you want in your fic:
Things you don't want in your fic:

Simple as that.


Basic Guidelines

1) Don't abuse the community.
Don't post multiple requests several times a month. While there is no limit to how much you can post, I ask that you show moderation in this instance.

2) Recs.
This community was created with a ficathon base in mind. And as such, new fics should be written for every request. Posting links to fics that have already been written kind of defeats the purpose of 'requesting' a fic type in a post.

3) Finish dates.
There is no 'your fic needs to be finished by such and such date' in the community, for the simple reason that you do not need to let the poster know that you are writing for them. This means that, if you were so inclined, you could go all the way to the first post and write a fic for that one, or skip ahead several days/weeks/months etc... and write a fic for one of those posts instead.

4) When you've completed a request.
When you've managed to finish a fic for someone's request, I ask that you don't post the fic in this community, but in your own LJ or archive it somewhere, and then post a link to the fic as a comment to the original post.